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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogger Blow-Out Giveaway!!

Once Upon a Twilight In case you are not already aware of this fantasmic contest from Once Upon a Twilight, here you go...
Once Upon a Twilight is throwing a fantasmic contest!!! (See, I'm very informative.)  FORTY books are going to be given away as they try to clear out their shelves.  Being that I'm more than willing to take such a hefty load off their hands, I've already entered.  Even though you would be decreasing my chances of winning (seriously just kidding), you should probably check it out and enter here.
Good luck!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hex Hall (Hex Hall, #1)I absolutely loved reading this book. Hex Hall is such a fun read. Filled with witty comebacks, unusual classmates, a "you-can't-help-but-to-fall-for-him" hottie, and a headstrong heroine, this book will have you laughing, as well as scrambling for the next  page.

I think one of the reasons that I really enjoyed reading Hex Hall, was the fact that it was a fresh take on the "Paranormal YA" genre. Not that I don't enjoy my angst-filled relationships and dilemmas, but it was nice to laugh a little more for a change. However, I'm sure Demonglass will probably have a darker feel (just speculation, haven't read it yet) due to the events that come to light towards the end of book one. Either way, I loved Hex Hall so much that I'm pretty sure I'll love the rest of the series, no matter the level of darkness.

All in all, I would totally recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick, fun, and exciting read. (Reader must also value sarcasm and witty remarks, whether spoken or thought.)

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick: In stores October 4, 2011

I'm not sure I can take much more anticipation when it comes to sequels. There are too many out there to properly obsess over!! Silence comes out October 4th (which seems horribly far away) and if you're as excited as I am, you'll see why the sneak peak excerpt, released here, will drive you nuts and excite you all at the same time!!

*Update: I had to take the super cool countdown widget off this post because I could not get the sound on it turned off. It kept making me jump every time I went to my blog, but you can find it by clicking on the same link as the excerpt!)

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater: In stores July 12, 2011

In the past, each time I finished reading a book about werewolves, I decided that it was my favorite one, thinking that a story couldn't get any better than that.  However, that was until I picked up Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater (it is my remaining champion on all books that are werewolves).  I immediately fell in love with the book and plowed my way through to Linger.  Both books had me laughing, smiling, and of course, bawling like a little girl.  Although I'm sad to see The Wolves of Mercy Falls come to a close, I absolutely can't wait to see where Forever takes us.

The following videos are the trailers for Forever.  The first features music by Kate Hummel and Maggie herself.  The second (and even though Maggie and Kate totally rock in the first one, this one is my fave because of the song)  features music by Jona & Plunkett, with their version of "Summer Girl", from Shiver (Yep, the one that Sam wrote for Grace!!! <-- this totally made me smile.  *sigh* I've missed Sam.)

See, I knew you would love the song!  "Summer Girl", by Jonas & Plunkett is available for purchase on iTunes here.

Be sure to pre-order your copy ASAP.  If you are a super nerd about having your books signed (such as myself) you can pre-order a signed copy of Forever from Fountain Bookstore here.(Psst, they also have signed copies of Julie Kagawa's books...just in case you were interested.)

In honor of the release date getting closer, Maggie is hosting a contest on her blog here.  So go check it out and help spread the word!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Great Contest Opportunity! (and one that I would totally freak out about if I won...)

Nikki, of Wicked Awesome Books, is hosting a contest that any Mortal Instruments fan would squeal over (myself being one of them).  She's offering one lucky winner the chance to have the enter TMI series (thus far) signed by the amazing Cassandra Clare herself.  How freaking awesome is that?!?!?!  So be sure to check out her blog here, and spread the word!!

Great Contest Opportunity!

Lily with Book Lungs is hosting an awesome 300 Follower Giveaway on her blog.  This is what's up for grabs:

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The Mephisto Covenant
Plus a chance to pick from some of this year's best 2011 releases!!

So click here to check out her blog and enter!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Support Teen Lit Day: Thursday, April 14th

Those who know me personally,  have accepted that I am in fact, an extreme book enthusiast (that's such a nice way of saying book nerd).  For those, I'm sure you will find this next topic both interesting and appalling.  For others, perhaps your outlook and appreciation for our freedom of speech will be strengthened.

How many of you are aware that there is indeed a process for having books banned within the United States?  I'm sure some would say that you figured there would be, and others might reflect and think, "Surely that was phased out decades ago!"   Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.  It's why we have two major news networks that share their political spins.  It's why the first amendment, adopted in 1791, has remained a basis for the views, actions, and opportunities that our country is known for.

However, I'm left to ponder this conundrum: At what point does your "opinion" affect my right to freedom of speech?  Freedom of speech is not restricted to verbal communication.  Instead, it includes any receiving or delivering of ideas or information, regardless of the medium in which you choose to present it in.  Of course, you have extremists in every situation, with "Hate Speech" being one of the primary reasons why freedom of speech can be null and void.  Yet, when does banning a published novel fall into a category that deserves removal from society?

The American Library Association publishes a list each year on the most challenged books.  "Challenged" should not be confused with expressing personal opinions.  They are, however, attempts to remove books from curriculums and libraries, thus limiting the access and choices of others.  Many state that material from a certain book  was offensive, unsuited for an age group, or contains explicit material.  Take a moment to turn on the television or the radio.  Teens are constantly surrounded by explicit and offensive material that has no other purpose than to gather attention and make money.  Why not ban all songs that reference women in a degrading manner?  Why bother with warnings at the beginning of a show stating "mature audiences only" when they could still technically watch it?  Why not ban all shows above a PG rating?  Why? Because people deserve options and not all people are the same.  While I commend parents who monitor what their children are involved in, whether it be groups of friends, activities, and yes, even reading material, let's remember that each young adult novel is now published with a suggested reading age/grade.  This is determined by publishers.  If your child's age is within the range, but you still don't approve, use your right as a parent to restrict their choices.  However, this does not have to be imposed onto others.

I'm shocked at the books listed on this list!  Are there no other things in the world that should garner more attention??  Society should be reading MORE, not less.  Whether you like Twilight, or maybe you're a Hunger Games fan (or even both), these books have captured the attention of both youths and adults across our nation for a reason.  Let's celebrate that instead of shutting out so many opportunities that could engage someone to open up a book or two.

So go ahead, challenge and ban as many books as you like.  Chances are, you'll create a stir and generate just enough publicity to make people go to a bookstore and pick it up.  Or better yet, let's focus on issues that truly affect younger audiences: healthy eating habits, bullying issues, image appreciation, drug prevention, drunk driving...I could continue with this list, but I suppose you get the idea.

Ok, my book rant is over.  If you finished reading this note, thank you.  Reader Girlz, a YA book review blog, has a challenge for those who want to spread awareness on this issue with a campaign called "Rock the Drop".  If interested, check out their website that is listed below.  If you want to learn more about the topic in general, the American Library Association (ALA) has a complete list of the most challenged books, as well as more information on the banning process and how it hinders our freedom of speech and choice.  Some of the books that are listed are currently considered some of the most popular books among a variety of audiences.  It's obvious that they would not result in a successful banning.  (I could only imagine the turmoil this country would go through if people were not able to get their Edward Cullen and Jacob Black fix.)  Yet, before you take steps to limit the options of others, take a moment to ask yourself, "Is this truly harmful, or simply not what I would choose?"  Realize that you were able to say "choose", where others may not have that option.